Six to four

by Volker Weber

6 by 4

After just a few weeks on the Lumia 1520 I am struggling to get back on a smaller screen. The thing is, once you have a large screen like this, smaller devices feel very constrained. And then you need to use a phone and a tablet. With the bigger screen, you only need one. I believe that Apple needs to keep the 4" iPhone form factor, but add a 6" model. It would fit right between the iPhone and the iPad Mini.


The times they are a-changin'

Ingo Seifert, 2013-12-04

Great picture, thanks.
I can understand the charms of a 6'' display, however the crucial question for me as a consumer without access to several devices at a time would be: If you had to choose just one phone, would you go for the 6'' or rather a 4''/4.5''/5''? In other words: Do you actually use the 1520 as your primary phone or rather as a very portable tablet in addition to a smaller phone like the iPhone or the 1020?

Jochen Kattoll, 2013-12-04

i would currently go for the 6" device. Especially if you can only have one.

Volker Weber, 2013-12-04

Sag' Bescheid, wenn Du mal in der Gegend bist ;)

Hubert Stettner, 2013-12-04


Volker Weber, 2013-12-04

Kann man im Windows Phone Store mehrere Telefone mit einem Account verwalten? Bisher hatte ich immer nur eins....

Max Nierbauer, 2013-12-04

Ja, man kann. Rechts oben ist eine Auswahlbox.

Volker Weber, 2013-12-04

I'm afraid I must be living in a different universe - a 6" phone sounds horrible to me.

I know it's a little too small, but I like this phone:

I really don't like the current trend to ever larger phones...

John Keys, 2013-12-04

Gefahr zulaufen eine doofe Frage zu stellen: Was ist das für ein Bumper vom iPhone 5S? Danke :)

Max Könnings, 2013-12-09

Das ist kein Bumper, sondern das Apple Case für das iPhone. Leder, 39 Euro.

Thomas Meier, 2013-12-10

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