The big rotation

by Volker Weber


It's an early Xmas at vowe's magic flying circus and there is a new machine in the house, a 13" MacBook Pro Retina. This brings upon a big rotation:

  1. MacBook Pro Retina replaces MacBook Pro
  2. MacBook Pro replaces iMac
  3. iMac retires

imac g4

The iMac that retires is Lucy, my first Mac. It has been in continuous operation since the end of 2002. 11 years old and still useful. I don't know yet what to do with it, but it's not heading for the trash.


Turn it into an aquarium?

Daniel Tietze, 2013-12-05

A nice picture frame for your living room...

Ingo Seifert, 2013-12-05

If that is the flower design, it cannot go to the trash. It's a work of art.

paul mooney, 2013-12-05

Ask Michael Schneider @ Institut für Neue Technische Form e. V., Friedensplatz 10, Darmstadt.
Details on
Greetings from Stephan, if you like.

Stephan Perthes, 2013-12-05

See ...

Stephan Perthes, 2013-12-05

I struggle to throw out any of our old Macs, but that means that our attic resembles an Apple museum... G3s, G4s, a Cube, an iBook etc etc. Even when we give them away, they tend to make it back here when they get replaced.

Iconic design never gets old. Sadly the tech within does ;-(

Stuart McIntyre, 2013-12-05

Wie kann ich einen Abholtermin verinbaren ;-)

Thomas Merchel, 2013-12-05

Immer noch der Schönste!

Denis Alt, 2013-12-05

Why didn't you go for a 13'' MacBook Air?

Alex Martin, 2013-12-06

Far better display.

Volker Weber, 2013-12-06

Far better display for fifty-something eyes. ;-)

Chuck Howe, 2013-12-06

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