Returning the Yoga 2 Pro

by Volker Weber


After two weeks with the Yoga 2 Pro, the machine has returned to home base. I have come to the conclusion that while it's a wonderful machine, it's not for me. If this were my only computer then I would love it. But it's not.

When I want to get serious work done, I am relying on two Macs. One has just been replaced two days ago. It estimated it would take four hours to migrate, but then it only took two. I have had the Yoga for two weeks and would not get to the same level of productivity. That is not a general statement but just an observation of how things are at vowe's magic flying circus.

I will continue to enrich my work experience with other machines running iOS, Windows RT and Android. Maybe one of these days I might even come across a Chrome notebook. But a full Windows machine adds way too much complexity to an otherwise very simple world.

The Yoga 2 gets replaced by the original Yoga 11. Sometimes less is more.


I too agree that Windos as of today with its mix of 32, 64, intel, ARM and associated SW frameworks is a horrible jungle. I just tried to install .net on 64 W7 and failed.
From my perspective usability may improve again when Microsoft has settled on a single CPU architecture across all devices with an unified desktop/mobile OS.

Jörg Hermann, 2013-12-06

Don't start sobbing right away, even the NZZ is sometimes wrong:
According to this, Windows RT is ready for the bin. But that's what they say. Who knows the future?
On the other hand, it does not make a lot of sense to keep three Windows versions.
It does make sense to kill the one that isn't neither a phone, nor a PC.
But sometimes ... totgesagte leben länger.

Christian Tillmanns, 2013-12-06

Journalisten lieben solche Geschichten. Sie müssen nicht richtig sein, Hauptsache irgendwas stirbt.

Meine Ansicht nach stirbt gar nichts. WinRT ist die Zukunft von Windows. Und auch die von Windows Phone.

Volker Weber, 2013-12-06

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