Successful switch

by Volker Weber

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This wasn't easy at all. I became very attached to the Lumia 1520. It's an all-in-one device. Phone, tablet, camera. Whenever I tried to go back to the 1020, I was losing the tablet, losing resolution, losing Nokia Black, the latest version of Windows Phone. The screen on the 1520 is simply amazing, the device itself is very thin and easy to hold. Yes, the camera on the 1020 is best in class, but the 1520 comes pretty close. So, I could not make it to the 1020. No way.

But then I had to move the only NanoSIM that was still working from the 1520 to the iPhone 5S, and that lead to a new situation. The iPhone is excellent in its own right. It's incredibly light and tiny compared to my other machines, its camera is not as good as the Lumia's, but it's fast. iOS gets the latest app innovations first, so there is more to play with.

And by going to the iPhone, the 1020 became interesting again. Suddenly it was no longer small. After one day with the iPhone I switched the 1020 back on. 20 app updates rolled in. And there are a couple of apps on Windows Phone that I prefer to their iOS equivalents. 6tag is nicer than Instagram, Grin is much nicer than Imgur, NextGen Reader is the best news reader out there, on any platform. Conventional wisdom says I should be drawn to iOS because of the apps, but the opposite is true. My Windows Phone apps are nicer than what I am using on iOS and those are way nicer than their Android peers. With nicer, I don't mean more powerful. Just more useful to me.

People who switch to Windows Phone take a while to use it's strength. You have to learn new ways and unlearn a few old habits. Once you learned the new tricks, you miss them everywhere else. I am a heavy user of the people hub and its ability to summarize all activities of one person and pin that information to a tile on the front page. I prefer the mail UI to other clients; being able to swipe instead of hitting buttons (which no longer look like buttons in iOS7) is a huge benefit. And finally, wireless charging and an always on clock on the front page are sorely missed.

I am currently alternating between iPhone and 1020. But I do have to avoid to switch the 1520 back on. It's that good. It only fails one use case: one-handed operation.


If you want to get rid of the 1520, just send it to me :-)

Karl Heindel, 2013-12-14

its strength

Andrew Magerman, 2013-12-17

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