What brought us together

by Volker Weber


Sometimes, i despair about the stupidity of men as well as mankind. But, more than often, i am simply amazed, what can be achieved if we stand together, regardless of age, gender, color or race, just being what we are: human! We have lost many a great man (and woman of course) but some equally great have been born this Year.
I thank whoever there is watching over us for the greatest Gift: my wife, my Kids and life.

Chris frei, 2013-12-18

@Chris: Well said!

@Volker: If other blogs would just be close as good as this one which is declared as not intended to be one. On the other hand, no. I'd still read here ...
Thank you for another year of your special kind of condensing information that matters.

Jan Lauer, 2013-12-18

Oh thanks. Now I've got 19 open Youtube tabs to watch in my browser ;-)

Oliver Regelmann, 2013-12-18

Oliver, I hear you ;)

Hubert Stettner, 2013-12-19

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