Suggestion for out of office message

by Volker Weber

I am out of the office until January 6th. When I return, I will delete all email and voice messages from my inbox and start the new year with a clean slate. If your message is still important in January, I suggest you send it again after the 6th.



Adalbert Duda, 2013-12-19

... your mail will not be forwarded.

For multi user offices ;)

Tobias Hauser, 2013-12-19

This year I choose: I left the company and will not return.

Michael Klüsener, 2013-12-19

Just perfect! Wish that people would actually use this.

Maximilian von Hulewicz, 2013-12-19

cool, but I think very few people will read that completely.

Marc Poppo, 2013-12-19

I'd get fired. But still might be worth it.....

Ian Bradbury, 2013-12-20

Some administrative Person in Cologne did that and the whole thing boiled up to the BILD (lazy bastard, bla di bla), instead of realizing that this should be the default way which would be much better than stalling the returning person for at least half a day.

By searching the story I stumbled across news that Daimler would be deleting mails automatically for people in holiday. There's hope.

Frank Quednau, 2013-12-21

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