Nokia universal portable USB charger DC-19

by Volker Weber


Nokia's portable chargers just got a little bigger. That's right. They yellow DC-19 is 3200 mAh, the cyan and black DC-16 are only 2000 mAh. Both USB plugs are now on the same end, the other end gets a larger button to switch it on and check the battery level.


The DC-16 have been my most used portable chargers throughout last year. It's good to have them in assorted colors, since I can easily remember which ones I have used. I also use them to drive my Belkin travel router which then turns any ethernet cable into an access point without requiring a power wall outlet.


Alternate verkauft bei ZackZack gerade den kleineren DC-18 für 4.99 EUR plus Versand

Ralf Hammen, 2014-06-26

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