Facebook is broken, and I can't fix it

by Volker Weber

Facebook displays a lot of stuff I don't want to see. Pages I might be interested in, people I may know, etc etc. It keeps asking me for profile information I don't want to share. Much of this nonsense can be fixed with Socialfixer.

However, Facebook filters out a lot of information I do want to see. Updates from my friends for instance. You'd be surprised to see what they have posted on their own wall, and you never saw it.

This I cannot fix. But I can walk away from it. In 2014 you will see me using Twitter a lot more. I'm vowe.


I managed to fix Facebook a while back.

I added *.facebook.com to my hosts file pointing to There, fixed it.

Dragon Cotterill, 2014-01-05

How about G+? At least it doesn't cut you off at 140 characters and circles seem appropriate filters.

Stephan H. Wissel, 2014-01-05

I like Google+. However, since Google is at war with Microsoft, I avoid the battlefield.

Volker Weber, 2014-01-05

You - obviously - trust SocialFixer. That's fine. But how do I know that I should trust Matt Kruse?

Thomas Kuhn, 2014-01-06

I walked away from Facebook and Socialfixer.

Volker Weber, 2014-01-06

Mit Deiner Kritik an der neuen Facebook Politik stimme ich absolut überein.
Leider kann ich Twitter so gar nichts abgewinnen. Google+ und Path mochte ich. Facebook bisher auch. Nun kann ich Dir wohl nur noch hier folgen. Schade.

Sabine Weber, 2014-01-06

Facebook wants to become more "pull" than "push"? - so be it. I turned off all FB notifications long time ago, this was especially useful on mobile devices.
When it comes to alternatives .. while I see the value of Twitter for Journalists and Celebrities, I am neither of those and will tinker in between own blogs and G+.

Bernhard Kockoth, 2014-01-06

I assume it won't fix all your problems completely but there are indeed options to Finetune Facebook.

On thing regarding not getting stuff people post: If you don't have much contact with somebody (interaction, loking at his personal page etc.) the number of updates you get will decrease.

If you want to ensure to get the updates put them in the favorites group.

In addition you can level somewhat wich kind of updates you want to get (all the noise, only sme noise) by doing the appropriate setting in the friends notifications.

And then you can create lists. E.g. Privat, Business whatever. You may be surprised how much more information you get in that list compared to your standard feed.

Yes, it's complicated ... but there's a lot to tune if you want to put soem effort in it!

Harald Gaerttner, 2014-01-07

I know you can fight Facebook's desire to be a newspaper. But I don't want to.

Volker Weber, 2014-01-07

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