Who is going to buy MobileIron?

by Volker Weber


This is the MDM landscape half a year ago. SAP got there by acquiring Sybase, Citrix bought Zenprise. Now that IBM has bought Fiberlink, VMware is getting AirWatch. Which leaves MobileIron as the only small and leading player in the market. Who is going to buy them?


Oddly, I would be looking towards Redmond

paul mooney, 2014-01-22

That would make our lives easier here, as we're looking to MobileIron for some of our SharePoint stuff...

Tom Duff, 2014-01-22

You would hope Microsoft, but I don't think till they get a new CEO appointed that will happen. Probably another market they will miss because no over there was paying attention.

Bill Dorge, 2014-01-23

And what's about Good Technology?

Peter Meuser, 2014-01-23


Ingo Seifert, 2014-01-23

From a technology point of view, with MobileIron Microsoft would have to integrate an appliance based on CentOS, Tomcat, MySQL/Postgres. Not quite the same direction as buying the Windows Phone based business of a device maker, but - who knows?

Peter Meuser, 2014-01-23

@Ingo: Not that I think, that Good may acquire MobileIron, but is MobileIron "the only small and leading player in the market"? Good may be good for another acquisition...

Peter Meuser, 2014-01-23

I am missing Cisco (Meraki) in this map, this was also a good acquisition (by cisco) two years ago...

Ralph Hammann, 2014-01-23

People mention Redmond, but have you noticed that they're not even on the chart? I suppose that's why they *have* to buy.

Mick Moignard, 2014-01-23

Well, you'd have to ask Gartner why they don't consider Windows Intune a MDM.

Max Nierbauer, 2014-01-23

Wasn't Microsoft interested in a "niche player" lately?

Thomas Mendorf, 2014-01-23

Has somebody insights into the latest activities of Oracle? Last year, they have bought the startup BitzerMobile (comparable functionality to Good). Not that BitzerMobile was an leading player before the acquisition ...

Peter Meuser, 2014-01-23

In this market, the technology standards are relatively level. Especially in the iOS management space. If you want to win big, you need to buy the leaders

paul mooney, 2014-01-23

How about Google? Or what about Computer Associates?

David Winter, 2014-02-11

Or HP or BMC?

David Winter, 2014-02-11

MobileIron will suffer a slow out of business dead.
There was no interest from VMware, Citrix, Microsoft, Samsung, Dell or any Tech company. I think main reason, they don't offer any unique selling points. And there in DMZ architecture design is the way to go.
Dell and Samsung rather develop there own MDM software solution instead of buying MobileIron.

Jeroen J.V Lebon, 2014-04-23

And there in DMZ architecture design is NOT the way to go.

Jeroen J.V Lebon, 2014-04-23

I think the reality is that MobileIron is the clear EMM leader and the buyers didn't want to fork out the dough to acquire them. Their revenue is far and above over any of the other guys and they have some serious partnerships with major telcos. Citrix is a joke, VMware stands a chance but they need to revamp their old school .net architecture. They will never penetrate regulated industries without building a new platform. My money is on MobileIron to lead this thing for at least the next 2 years.

Arron Mao, 2014-04-27

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