This tweet about Oracle resonated very well

by Volker Weber


You really need a +1 button

Steve Pridemore, 2014-01-24

Well, that is on Twitter and is called Favorite.

Volker Weber, 2014-01-24

Next to the updater asking for permission to install something and then not starting automatically this is the most annoying thing about the java runtime.

This 2 things make it impossible that my parents keep it up-to-date.

Patrick Bohr, 2014-01-24

well, if at least the ask toolbar wouldn't be so crappy....or it would install something usefull...oh wait. then people would download the program itself...

Johannes Matzke, 2014-01-25

I might be a little late, but did you know that you can actually stop the updater/installer from "suggesting" the Ask toolbar (or any other crap) ever* again. The solution is just two simple registry entries away:

However, this does not make your hate any less justified. ;-)

*Until Oracle changes minds.

Clemens Kalb, 2014-02-13

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