How to get your Blackberry 10.2.1 update fix

by Volker Weber

BlackBerry 10 devices are being updated to 10.2.1 now. However, not all customers see that OTA update, depending on their carrier. BlackBerry checks the MCC/MNC of your SIM card before delivering the update. However, that SIM does not have to be active. You can use any old SIM from a different carrier.

MCC/MNC for German carriers are 262-01 for T-Mobile, 262-02 for Vodafone, 262-03 for E-Plus, 262-07 for O2. With my Vodafone SIM in place, I would not get the update, with my O2 SIM it started right away.


Any problems with the radio? Not the FM, I mean connection to mobile networks.

Moritz Jaeger, 2014-01-29

It's a great update, loads of new features, worked on my Q10 perfectly. Blackberry is not dead yet!

Jochen Kattoll, 2014-01-29

"BlackBerry checks the MCC/MNC of your SIM card before delivering the update." ==> why?

Dieter Baum, 2014-01-29


Please reboot the BB again. We updated several devices and some of them had this issue too

Btw, update only when you have enough free memory :-)

Bernd Steidele, 2014-01-29

@Dieter: Because the carrier has to approve the update before it is being delivered to the device.

Abdelkader Boui, 2014-01-29

I got it, even in roaming here in the USA (Chicago area). A lot of nice features, even the way to switch between private and business took me a minute to find :-). I really like some extensions like quick access to flight mode.

Hubert Michl, 2014-01-29

This is a really nice update. The new Hub pinch gesture is fantastic. I like all changes I found so far, with the notable exception of the new "no alert" icon for calendar entries that do not have alerts.

Haiko Hebig, 2014-01-30

Best function: reply now


Ralph Hammann, 2014-01-30

@Ralph: I like Reply Now, too, but it's not a new feature, it was already introduced in OS 10.2.0.

Jochen Kattoll, 2014-01-30

Works with decommissioned SIM Cards,too. They don´t have to be active or logged in to the mobile network. This is why I never throw away old SIM cards....

Bastian Anthon, 2014-01-30

Just saw, that Volker pointed that out already in his initial post. Sorry about that.

Bastian Anthon, 2014-01-30

@Jochen: you are right. It seems that i have missed it until i have seen the new answer call screen... ;-)

Ralph Hammann, 2014-01-30

Mir gefällt ja das neue Schnellmenü auch sehr gut, und als Q-Nutzer natürlich die Direktwahl. Die in strategischer Hinsicht sicherlich interessanteste Neuerung ist aber die hier: - apk-Direktinstallation. (Und wie man sieht steht jetzt auch das Datum in Foto-Dateinamen. Solche kleinen Verbesserungen gibt es ganz viele.)

Haiko Hebig, 2014-01-30

How stupid that is? We have three BB10 devices with two carriers and I had to shuffle SIM cards around because some carriers "don't get it"?!?
I understand this may be of interest while actually connected OTA to such carrier, but when connected ONLY through WLAN/WiFi to the Internet .. WTF?!?

Bernhard Kockoth, 2014-01-31

FYI: There's a Traveler Interim Fix which addresses issues with BB 10.2.1 devices:

Oliver Regelmann, 2014-01-31

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