Pebble 2.0

by Volker Weber


I have seen Pebble 2.0, the hardware, a.k.a. the Peeble Steel. It's $249 and feels like $24.90. The original Pebble was a hundred Dollars cheaper and a thousand times more iconic. Just borrowed one from Max Bäumle again. I recommend his Smartwatch Pro. I would probably recommend it just to make the kid earn some money, even if it were bad. But it isn't. It's really great. Twitter alerts, reminders, calendar. Control music from across the room, it can even send your own http requests for home automation. If you have a Pebble, go get it. It's the first piece of software I install. And the Futura Weather watchface.

But now there is Pebble 2.0, the software. Pebble on iOS integrates an app store, where you can download watchfaces and apps. The watch will hold up to eight apps. You can have more and keep them in your locker on the iPhone. In this photo I have cached one watchface.


Sonos integration ?

Gaston Annebicque, 2014-02-05

the Pebble 2 software is really good. Notifications are much better. I like the store as well. Nice work from that team.

John Head, 2014-02-07

I love the eInk-Diskplay. Can i get E-Mail-alerts with Windows Phone?

Christian Just, 2014-02-12

Nope. No Pebble software on Windows phone.

Volker Weber, 2014-02-12

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