OneDrive is here

by Volker Weber


Microsoft had to change the SkyDrive branding and found a much better name: OneDrive. I have been using the service for a while as a central storage for my camera roll. No matter which device I use, photos end up in the same place. When you sign up, you get 7 GB of free storage, plus another 3 GB if you back up your photos as I do.

Finally, you get another 500 MB for signing up through this link >


Volker, phishing for extra webspace ...? :-)

Steve Askin, 2014-02-19

Yes, referrals will earn me extra space as well. But that's not the driver. I have 53 GB storage on OneDrive, and 40 GB are still available.

Volker Weber, 2014-02-19

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