iPad mini vs Nexus 7

by Volker Weber


iPad mini und Nexus 7 leben einträchtig hier in vowe's magic flying circus. Das iPad mini ist täglich im harten Einsatz und sieht immer noch aus wie am ersten Tag. Das Nexus 7 wird nur noch für Softwaretests benutzt und ist rundum abgeschubbert. Abstimmung mit den Füßen sozusagen.


I rather like my Nexus 7, I just wish it was speedier (the 2013 model is a very nice bump-up in that regard, from what I’ve seen).

The width and heft of the tablet is perfect though, especially as a reading device (RSS, eBooks, etc.)

(I haven’t dared try a mini :-) )

Ben Poole, 2014-02-20

Ditto what Ben says. I have a 1st generation Nexus 7 and it's fine most of the fine but every so often it goes into a death spiral of unresponsiveness (which I think may be when it's updating an app in the background, so the multi-tasking is poor). I also wonder if the virus checker slows the performance - Ben, what virus checker do you use? I use Zoner Antivirus.

The BBC iPlayer app is extremely good on the Nexus 7, I use that a lot.

Darren Adams, 2014-02-25

Anti-virus? EH? *cough*

Background app updates definitely make the 2012 Nexus unresponsive, agreed. Chrome is very poor also, always has been. Unfortunately there don’t seem to be any better browsers from what I’ve tried… might give Firefox another go.

Ben Poole, 2014-02-25

Do you mean you don't use anti-virus on the Nexus 7? If that's true and I could get by without it, that would probably do the performance a favour.

I use Firefox on mine. Both Chrome and Firefox on the Nexus 7 can't compare with the 'modern' experience Internet Explorer on my Dell Venue 8 Pro tablet (running Windows 8.1). I know you'd think "oh, he would say that" but that's an honest fact. Also, the Dell tablet can be booted from cold, logged in and using applications before the Nexus 7 has even reached half-way through it's boot-up process.

Darren Adams, 2014-02-28

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