My favorite Android device gets an upgrade

by Volker Weber


Ever since I got my Lenovo Yoga Tablet, all other Android devices have taken a backseat. Now Lenovo has announced a Yoga Tablet 10 HD+. This is the same body, long battery life, but with a full HD (1920x1200, up from 1280x800) display and Snapdragom 400 chipset. Want!

Just today I checked for a software upgrade, which has been sitting there since December. It contains a new software, that Lenovo is only showcasing in Barcelona. SHAREt is supposed to share files over WiFi-direct between Android, iOS and Windows (computer, not phone).



Wow, das sieht ja mal richtig gut aus. Hoffentlich hält mein altes Asus-Transformer noch lang genug durch, bis das Yoga HD+ im Handel ist...

Mike Hartmann, 2014-02-24

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