Music Drop

by Volker Weber


How cool is that? A web server running on your phone which lets you upload music from a web browser. Music Drop is an app that displays an IP address. Copy that address into your browser on the PC or Mac and it displays this page. On the right side you see the music which is available on the phone; press the play button and the phone plays the track. Drop new files on the left side and they get copied to the phone. Bang.

This is currently the quickest way to add new tracks to my Lumia 1020.

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sehr cool - vielen Dank! (fehlt noch dass es im Hintergrund funktioniert)

Samuel Orsenne, 2014-03-17

I use btsync to sync my files/music to mobile devices. From a Linux file server to MacOS and Windows clients, iOS or Android devices. There is an ongoing WP8 beta test.

Stefan Funke, 2014-03-18

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