Déjà Vue – Microsoft Repeating IBM’s Mistakes

by Volker Weber

It’s hard to believe, Microsoft actually could learn something from IBM. And it seems, they rather don’t.

An interesting report from the trenches.

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what did you expect, they just copy things :-) therefore the mistakes as well , hehe.
Thet mostly will tell us it a better feature :-9

thorsten ebers, 2014-03-20

Whew, this article is super black and white. As a former Notes developer, I can only state that I always had to learn new things with that platform as well. Which was good, very good - because it kept me learning. It started with the Java things, applets, servlets, you name it. Boy, did some of @formula colleagues cry.... Then came the eclipse platform and so on. I am glad that I did not have to make the XPages curve, too. ;)
It is no secret that Microsoft focuses on cloud for a couple of years. In an "evergreen" environment, you had to think about new development models. And I personally think it is good that also skilled HTML/Javascript developers are now able to develop for SharePoint. What is more, C# is not dead. ;)
I may be wrong but I think that the strategy is very good. Time will tell...

Ingo Seifert, 2014-03-20

Yes, Microsoft's announcement that the Office Servers (not only SharePoint btw) will be cloud first and on-prem later, equals exactly IBM's announcement that Mail Next (never mind the product name) will be cloud first and on-prem later, down to the point that some (the most juicy) features will be available online only.

I'm not sure I get the Workplace reverence, except you take "does not workplace" as a universal example for driving a perfectly healthy product in the ground for no reason.

I do get that partners and clients are concerned about the new strategy. It would have been nice if the post actually would have gotten into detail as to why they are concerned. Instead it's more like a generic IBM screwed up and now Microsoft is loosing it too. Really?

Max Nierbauer, 2014-03-20

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