Migration from Evernote to OneNote successful

by Volker Weber


Almost all of my Evernote notes are text. So I just needed a simple tool and Evernote2Onenote fits the bill. Runs on Windows, needs both Evernote and Onenote installed, plus the .Net framework. Once started it was finished in a minute.

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[Thanks, Stefan Hempel]


And why OneNote instead of Evernote ?

Otto Foerg, 2014-03-19

Lots of reasons. I don't really like Evernote. I don't tag notes for instance. But I do want to keep them in particular order and in sections. OneNote does that. And it's much nicer on the Lumia.

Volker Weber, 2014-03-19

Exact the same reasons why I am switching these days. Thanks for your hint for converting...
There is only one thing I did not find out yet: Is it possible to share a single page or section within a notebook, not the notebook itself?

Werner Hofer, 2014-03-19

Used the tool...worked well, notebook to notebook, tag to section and note to page. If notes are tagged multiple times, they get duplicated into several sections. Images also arrived. After a few minutes of shuffling all is good. Thanks for finding!

Frank Quednau, 2014-03-19

One reason to not migrate to OneNote: Blackberry. Evernote is nicely integrated in BB10, OneNote will probably never be (for good reasons...)

Thorsten Köbe, 2014-03-20

I tried OneNote on my Macbook. Looks promising.

But I soon realised that dragging & dropping an image into a note doesn´t work (nothing happens). Using the Clipboard (Cmd+C and Cmd+V) just inserts the filename...sigh.

Do I miss something here or is it just a bug (Starship Trooper kind of, though)?

Markus Schraudolph, 2014-03-21

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