PLAY:1 replacement cables

by Volker Weber


The SONOS PLAY:1 draws power from a standard power lead. Unfortunately however, there is very little space where the cable enters the device from the bottom. So you cannot just use any cable. It needs a bespoke plug to make it fit. I am sure there have been many discussions how the PLAY:1 can be powered from below, on a stand, or from above, when suspended from the ceiling. After all, the SONOS logo looks the same upside down.

The downside is that you cannot buy a replacement cable in a hardware store, if you want a different color or a different length. Since SONOS ships the same color for the device and the cable, I was running a white cable over a black floor. Not good enough.

The good news is that the SONOS shop has power cables for all devices. And they have both white and black ones. Problem solved.


If you know to search for "IEC C7" power cords you'll find lots of options on the internet.

Carl tyler, 2014-05-28

@Carl: while the plug _itself_ is a C7 (aka "shotgun") even an angled one is unlikely to fit unless it has _exactly_ the right dimensions. Anything else will make the Sonos standing unstable, if at all.

Matthias Lipp, 2014-05-28

What I am missing are cables with different lengths. For some use cases the standard cables are to short...

Christian Henseler, 2014-05-29

I am missing those as well. But I want shorter cables. Like 30 cm.

Volker Weber, 2014-05-29

Generally speaking, making a cable _shorter_ is significantly more feasible than making it _longer_ :-) Is cutting and re-fitting another plug (Schuko or Euro) an option for you?

Matthias Lipp, 2014-05-29

@Matthias: While it is an alternative to replace the plug when making a cable shorter, it is no alternative in my use case where I have to span quite a distance free field.
From the aethetic point of view I don't accept a plug in the midth of this free field.
For another use case flat cables would be great, e.g. to hide them invisible under a carpet.
With standard cables, there is a visible bulge in the carpet.

Christian Henseler, 2014-05-30

@Christian: Just thinking loudly: What about connecting an "original" Sonos cable cut off after a short distance and a separate "long" cable in a cord switch (you can alternatively just solder them together to avoid the "plug bulge", but it's hard to get that aesthetically pleasing, let alone VDE-compliant)? You even would be able to switch it off completely :-)

Matthias Lipp, 2014-05-30

@Matthias: If the the speaker is mounted to the wall in 2m height, it makes no sense to connect a shot cable with a long cable. One need a long cable if the power plug is far away from the location where the speaker is located.

Christian Henseler, 2014-05-31

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