The Decline and Fall of IBM - I, Cringely

by Volker Weber

The story of this book began in the summer of 2007 when I was shooting a TV documentary called The Transformation Age -- Surviving a Technology Revolution, at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. Rochester has two main employers, Mayo and IBM, and a reporter can’t spend several days in town without hearing a lot about both. What I heard about IBM was very disturbing. Huge layoffs were coming as IBM tried to transfer much of its U.S. services business directly to lower-cost countries like India and Argentina. It felt to me like a step down in customer service, and from what I heard the IBMers weren’t being treated well either. And yet there was nothing about it even in the local press.

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Thanks for the link. I just bought the book.

Markus Dierker, 2014-06-09

Thanks for this link.

Just started to read. Interesting!

Andy Brunner, 2014-06-09

Just finished ... Exagerrated in many ways but there are many things which ring true.

And Chapter 9 summarizes all my discussions with CIOs.

Antoine Leboyer, 2014-06-09

It's downloading to my tablet as I type this.

Richard Schwartz, 2014-06-09

It's (mostly) a collection of his blog posts and curated comments, but still worth a read.



Luke Kolin, 2014-06-09

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