Sonos Controller on BlackBerry

by Volker Weber


Now look at this! The Android Sonos controller is finally working on BlackBerry 10. Ralph reports it running on but my BlackBerry is still on the older I have no idea when this happened but I am glad it did.


And it does come with notification support. Yay.


How do you get the Sonos Controller onto your BlackBerry? There are many ways to side load Android Apps. The easiest may be to create the download link right on your BlackBerry.


Great to see that it is working for you, too. 10.2.2102 is the first release on which the Sonos app is working on.

Abdelkader Boui, 2014-06-12

I am using RoomTunes, a BlackBerry native app, and I love it. Easy to use, works well, and has all the features I need.
It costs some money, but that is the only downside I find. But if you can afford Sonos, you may well find few extra pennies for a good app.

Damjan Perenic, 2014-06-15

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