OneDrive storage upgraded

by Volker Weber


As an old time user, I was grandfathered in with 25 GB of free storage. New users received 7 GB of free storage. This will now be upgraded to 15 GB. Why 15? Well, that's what Google gives you. I have an additional 20 GB for being an Office 365 subscriber. That will go up to 1 TB this week. Guess I will have 1046.7 GB of free storage soon.

Microsoft could give me 100 TB of free storage. I would not know what to put there. Free and unused storage does not cost a thing.


Microsoft even once gave 50GB for free, I signed up. Bandwidth was at that time extremely slow. I then did not use it for several years. Now Microsoft scaled be back to the 7 GB.

Felix Binsack, 2014-06-23

The problem with the 1 TB is that you cannot selectively sync. Connected with your laptop via shaky 3G on the train you don't want to see 5 GBs of new media assets downloading before the 20 KB Word file you are interested in arrives. It seems to be the same issue with OneDrive for Business. With Sharepoint, however, the very same sync client accepts you to sync sub trees only, but with a terrible user experience in configuring that. But again, all subtrees sync, or nothing.

Peter Daum, 2014-06-24

1046.7 GB maybe sufficient to use it for offsite backup.

Enrico Lippmann, 2014-06-24

Nice, Microsoft improves its service and two third of the commentators start complaining. Must be a good move ;)...

Ingo Seifert, 2014-06-24

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