Video Tuner for Windows Phone

by Volker Weber

Editing videos you’ve shot from your smartphone has typically required the need to get it off your device and onto a computer. Then, you’d need either a) some expensive editing software b) to use some clunky freeware.

Or c) you have an iPhone with iMovie.

With the Video Tuner app, you can keep everything in one place, making the process much quicker, easier and, best of all, free.

It is a pretty cool app. Think Instagram, not Photoshop. Just for videos. There is a catch: it has to be a single clip. You can't stitch a video together from multiple clips. When you are done, you can save in three different resolutions. And for Instagram. And for Vine. However, you can't actually share on Instagram or Vine, since both programs will either not let you upload video (Instagram) or read from your camera roll (Vine). I think, it just needs a bit more time. And your phone needs Windows Phone 8.1.

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