Redmond, we have a problem

by Volker Weber

motion motion

To your left there is data from SensorCore, to your right we have data from MotionX. As interpreted by the Lumia 930 and it's Health & Fitness app, and the UP24 with the iOS UP app. Let's forget about the calorie voodoo and focus on the active time, step count and distance travelled. There is obviously a huge discrepancy and I happen to know that the UP data is very accurate since I know how long I have walked.

I know it's easier for the UP band that swings with the arm than a phone I am carrying around in my pants. But still, I expect better. If you are using Health & Fitness, check your data and see how close it resembles your activity. You may be doing a lot better than you think.


Das Ubersetzung sind auch ein Traum genommen ;)

Tobias Hauser, 2014-07-11

Arbeit in Fortschritt;-)

volker Weber, 2014-07-12

"According to my G Watch, I just did 36 steps WHILE SITTING ON THE TOILET. Fitness tracking is AWESOME."

Hanno Zulla, 2014-07-12

Ja, das kann schon mal ein Kampf sein.

volker Weber, 2014-07-12

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