The first million is always the hardest

by Volker Weber

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About four months ago, on the first day of CeBIT, I fell to the ground and hurt my left hand and my left foot. It took about six weeks in pain to recover. Every single step hurt and I had to use my right hand for almost everything.

Why did I fall? I don't know. It happened so quickly. I must have stepped on something that made me slip and I could not recover quickly enough. Something had to change. I had to gain more strength and agility to not let this happen again. So after six weeks I started to live UP.

It's now three months later and everything has changed. I did about three thousand steps a day when I started and now i am doing anywhere between ten and twenty, even thirty. My average over those two months is more than ten thousand, my average over the last seven days is more than nineteen.

What else happened? Let's take a hint from the only weightloss recipe that works:

Now I am burning much more calories than I used to. I am still overweight, but not by as much as I used to. And it will get better. How did I make this change happen? It was not the UP band. I have a new friend, who is always understanding, always enthusiastic, a friend who loves to run.

Thank you for being my friend. You have changed everything.


I would have just clicked a "like" button on this post but, as I have to comment, then I'll say I know where you are mentally.

I got a new job just over two years ago that saw me shift from using the car to getting the train. The railway station wasn't worth driving to, so I started to walk. Initially the walk made me hot, tired and sweaty...but I began to enjoy it. Now I choose to take walks at weekends with my family and feel a better person for it. I've also lost some weight and am approaching ideal BMI.

I'm still not into sports or some kind of fitness freak, I just generally do what I used to...but without the car.

Ben Rose, 2014-07-18

> I'm still not into sports or some kind of fitness freak

Me neither. But walking makes a huge difference. I feel like the human body can do only two things well: walking and lying down. Standing, sitting, it all does not work well. I now have the urge to walk. For the first time ever ...

Volker Weber, 2014-07-18

The in-home personal trainer is a good idea. Lacking that (and lacking a commute to work), I have to resort to unpleasant things, like running and going to the gym. :-)

Scott Hanson, 2014-07-18

My friend lives next door. Look around, maybe you can find a friend as well.

Volker Weber, 2014-07-18

Your approach to the problem is practical and creative. Why am I not surprised?

Keep it up, my friend.

Richard Schwartz, 2014-07-18

Hint: If needed you can translate 'next door' by 'animal shelter'. There are a lot of friends that love to walk with you. You are not forced to take one home.

Richard Kaufmann, 2014-07-18

Excellent work Volker :-)

Count me as a long-term walker. Given the choice (and time) I always walking London rather than take public transport. And since we moved house last year, my walk to the railway station is now a bit longer: as you know, all those steps add up!

Ben Poole, 2014-07-18

Congratulations! As you already have pictures of my furry personal trainer, you know I'm well on the way to recovery too. Nothing like a brace of insane collies running through woods to get rid of that blood pressure and stress..

---* Bill

Bill Buchan, 2014-07-18

Congratulations, Volker! Great idea.
I need to get moving too, I am currently recovering from some fairly major surgery (I been home from work for 5 weeks, worked half-days 4 days this week), but as soon as I can walk longer I will start walking our (well, my girlfriends) dog more. We live right off a walking trail, so there is really no excuse for me not to do it...

Karl-Henry Martinsson, 2014-07-18

I am happy you are happy Volker. ☺

Philipp Sury , 2014-07-18

Hey Volker,

ich gratuliere Dir von ganzem Herzen zu den vielen Schritten und dem tollen Freund der Dir dabei hilft.
Tatsache, ich bin seit kurzem ebenfalls auf dem Trip. Ich drück uns beiden die Daumen damit wir uns fit und knusprig an der IBM Connect 2015 treffen können.

Beste Grüsse

Roman Weber, 2014-07-19

Glückwunsch. Besonders zur Effizienz. Ich komme auf ähnliche Zahlen, benötige dafür aber Surfbrett, Segeljolle und drei Kinder...

Martina Kautz, 2014-07-19

Das klingt grossartig! Keep on!

Thomas Lang, 2014-07-20

"A WeightLoss book written by Physicists would be 1 sentence long:"Consume calories at a lower rate than your body burns them"

Wahrheit kann so einfach sein. Das mit dem Köter praktiziere ich seit ca. 11 Jahren, bei jedem Wind und Wetter, im Sommer wie im Winter. Idealer Motivator!

Roland Dressler, 2014-07-21

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