Probably not

by Volker Weber


Definitely not!

Thomas Lang, 2014-07-22

Certainly not!

Uwe Papenfuss, 2014-07-22

Of course not.
It's there any insider talk about this?

Daniel Naumann, 2014-07-23

Would be on my list too.

Erik Ferrari, 2014-07-23

With rechargeable batteries!

Scott Hanson, 2014-07-23

You can count me in! They are considering it - check

Tom Weeghmans, 2014-07-23

My balcony is waiting too

Stephan H. Wissel, 2014-07-23

Depends on size and battery life!

Martin Cygan, 2014-07-23

And please in 2 sizes. Play:5 or Play:3 for terraces and gardens and/or Play:1 for balconies :-)

Mark Ehmann, 2014-07-23

Or a WP Connect:Amp for my allready WP speakers :)

Tommy Oustad, 2014-07-26

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