Computerworld: Surface damage mounts at Microsoft as red ink reaches $1.7B

by Volker Weber

Microsoft continued to lose money on its Surface tablets throughout its just-concluded 2014 fiscal year, adding hundreds of millions of dollars in red ink and boosting total losses to $1.7 billion since the device's 2012 launch.

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Hubert Stettner, 2014-08-05

I'm thinking that with the generally positive reviews, the Surface Pro 3 will start to turn that tide. Will be interesting to see next quarter to see if that's having an impact.

Amy Blumenfield, 2014-08-05

I continue to believe that Microsoft's strategy assumes that they will lose money in this market until mobile chips reach a price/performance point where a full Windows device can complete on price with iPad. They have the cash, and are just maintaining their presence in the mobile devices market while playing this waiting game.

Richard Schwartz, 2014-08-06

Übrigens, das Surface Pro (1.Version) gibt es bei Amazon derzeit für gerade mal 489.-€. Wohl immer noch der Abverkauf der immer noch vorhandenen Lagerbestände. Wenn man bedenkt dass man dafür ein komplettes Ultrabook mit Core i5, 4GB Ram, 128GB Flash, MicroSD Slot, FullHD Display und immer noch einzigartig guten Wacom Pen bekommt, dann ist das geradezu ein Schnäppchen. Viel Lehrgeld das Microsoft da bezahlt. Empfehlen kann ich es allemal, auch nach 1 Jahr intensiver Nutzung.

Roland Dressler, 2014-08-06

Surface is not a good tablet since most of the software is not designed for touch. And it's not a good laptop since the keyboard and the trackpad are not working well. As a tablet the Nokia 2520 works much better, as a laptop you can't beat the Lenovo Carbon X1.

None of them matches the simplicity of the iPad.

Volker Weber, 2014-08-06

Thats a matter of opinion. For me, typing is very fast with type keyboard 2. The hardware is fast and solid, and the Pen is amazing. And, you cannot compare the surface pro with an ipad because it does not meet my (business) requirements. The Lenovo X1 Carbon is a nice Ultrabook (not a tablet) but costs much more then the Surface Pro.

Roland Dressler, 2014-08-06

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