Speeding UP

by Volker Weber

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The first million was the hardest. Another half a million went by in 33 days. My average over four month is still in the vicinity of 10000 steps a day. My current average over 7 days is beyond 20000. Today was a brilliant day. Beautiful sunshine, no heat, no rain. What a chance to clock in 30000.

When this all started I was able to walk a few hundred meter. Now I can go 25 km. That's more than 15 miles for my non-metric friends. ;-) I lost more than 30 pounds in the process, but that's only a secondary goal. The primary goal is exercise.

Three helpers: better shoes, a tireless walking coach, and a lubricant.



Thomas Lang, 2014-08-21

I see Nijmegen March coming up on your radar... :-) www.4daagse.nl/en

Federico Hernandez, 2014-08-22

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