Business data in consumer cloud

by Volker Weber

It's not only iCloud. Think about any consumer cloud service. Are nude selfies your most sensitive data?


"Are nude selfie your most sensitive data?" => that depends who you ask...

Boudewijn Kiljan, 2014-09-03

Do you think the "business" cloud offers are any better?

Peter Daum, 2014-09-03

@Peter: I think, perhaps, Vowe is referring to the risk associated with leakage of corporate data stored on cloud services. Nude selfies are embarrassing (not that I have any of those), but legally and commercially sensitive information, personally identifiable information, intellectual property... If those are not properly controlled and subsequently leak, the consequence will be rather more than embarrassment.

Chris Linfoot, 2014-09-03

If you disregard government spying (a big “if”, no doubt), my bet is that more than 99% of the time data is much more secure in a professionally managed cloud, such as Google’s or Apple’s or Microsoft’s, than in some company’s locally (mis-)managed setup.

Stefan Tilkov, 2014-09-03

I agree with that, as long as we talk about business cloud offerings that tie into company directories. As soon as you add password recovery schemes as you find them in consumer offerings, it becomes difficult to protect the information. Two factor authentication helps, since you need a second channel to gain access.

Volker Weber, 2014-09-03

if you are able to protect your data (encrypt it) independend from the company that provides the cloud solution and if you have an independend vendor for that. Then your business data in the cloud might be save.

Thomas Schulte, 2014-09-03

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