Apple did not disappoint

by Volker Weber


That was quite an Apple event.

  1. Not one but two watches. Apple designed their own band interface, so this is going to sell a lot of add ons. A year from now they will come out with a thinner version and you will look like a dork with your original watch. ;-) Prediction: this is just the beginning. It's Apple's new business beyond Mac and iDevices.
  2. Not one but two iPhones. Exactly as predicted. I want the big one. I am all excited about the advancements in photography. And we will have to see if NFC can be used beyond payments.
  3. Apply Pay. This is going to be huge. Or it is going to blow up. There are so many things that can go wrong with a proprietary payment scheme. I just learned it is not proprietary but can use existing terminals at merchants.

I hope you are already holding Apple stock.


From left to right: 6 Plus, 6, 5S, 5C. For your consideration, iPhone prices in Germany, including taxes.



Just curious, why do you prefer the larger device? Especially in terms of usability.

Ed Saipetch, 2014-09-09

No, I'm not. But I'm biting my butt every year. Entry level is too high already. Until next year...

Natanael Mignon, 2014-09-09

It's not proprietary. According to the Apple Pay website, Apple Pay can be used with Contactless EMV compatible terminals. Now 14% of US terminals support EMV. In 2015 they want to reach 85%.

Lino Helms, 2014-09-09

I think ApplePay is going to be huge at least initially in the US. They have all the major banks and credit card companies, and enough retailers to make it viable and real.
And it's secure one-time token payment without exposing your actual credit card number etc. is just hitting the sweet spot time-wise with Home Depot, Target and other major chains getting hacked and traditional credit card numbers exposed. *Perfect* timing.

Thomas Gumz, 2014-09-09

Ed, I am using a 6" Lumia 1520. Size is no issue. Bigger battery however is a huge benefit. With iPhone 5S I often run out of juice before the day is over.

Lino, thanks for the correction.

Volker Weber, 2014-09-09

But the watch will only be available starting next year, so I would bet with you that there will be no successor until 2016. It's interesting that there was no mention of the expected runtime of the watch - more then one day?

Stefan Hempel, 2014-09-09

Rule of thumb: if nobody mentions it, (a) they don't know yet since it is not done and (b) it's terrible right now.

I don't expect the watch to be discontinued any time. I expect to see a lot more of them.

Volker Weber, 2014-09-09

This is gonna be huge. With Apple Pay integrated, a new question arises: Can you trust your phone case? NFC hardware is small and can be hidden pretty well.

Even if EMV is considered safe now, this should not be overlooked. If Apple is smart, they will use NFC to validate accessory certification. They could probably even use the NFC module to detect if a case without Apple NFC-Tag is present. (Think of the NFC chip as some kind of radar) This would also kill or slow down unlicensed third party accessories.

Apple Pay makes your phone an even bigger target for criminals. Apple will use this against manufacturers who refuse to share their profits. They have to. It's only a matter of time before the attacks start.

Lino Helms, 2014-09-09

The nice thing about ApplePay is that they also utilize the fingerprint scanner.

About the watch: yes, they will sell a lot of them, but I don't think that we will see the next already model in September '15 ("A year from now they will come out with a thinner version and you will look like a dork"). I'm still surprised that they announced the watches so early before you can by them. Apple isn't really afraid of the headstart of the Android Wear watches, or is it?

Stefan Hempel, 2014-09-09

I general I like the Apple Watch in terms of design and UI.
The only disappointment ist the fact that for GPS the iPhone is needed.

For me one of the main uses of the watch would be for health & fitness. I would have loved to use the watch for running, cycling etc. without the need to carry the iPhone with me.

So I'm still a bit biased about if I want an Apple Watch or not.

Harald Gärttner, 2014-09-09

Apple Pay is nothing new. It has been possible with a lot of android phones with Vodafone in germany and telekom for some months. Maybe it will be easier with apple as you only need the phone and the credit card company, whereas with vodafone and telekom it is only available to their costumers (you need a special sim, whereas with apple the phone seems to be the security token) and also only works if you have bought the phone from them. Windows Phone 8.1 also has payment included, though i did not yet know that it is used, at least in germany.

Christian Just, 2014-09-09

"A year from now they will come out with a thinner version and you will look like a dork with your original watch."

Excellent Prediction :-)

Felix Binsack, 2014-09-10

The Watch looks amazing, but I would never buy 1st generation Apple stuff. As you say, 6 months from now...

My only thought about the iPhone 6 is "wow, expensive". It's just the same again but bigger. And I agree about the bigger phone, I've been trying to work out how to blag a 1520.

Darren Adams, 2014-09-10

Apple stock is down after the announcement:

Then again, Wall Street is ridiculous, so who knows what they're thinking.

Amy Blumenfield, 2014-09-10

Their camera is not even close to competing with the Nokia's (at least the high end ones). Why are you looking forward to this camera?

Amy Blumenfield, 2014-09-10

Amy, how do you know that? I have excellent results from iPhone camera. As I have from Lumia. And they are competing just nicely, especially in speed. Lumia Camera will improve with Denim, but you cannot, can not, discount Apple's camera.

iPhone 6 Plus will get OIS, and I am really looking forward to experience what Apple has developed.

As for Appe stock down, it is always down after an announcement from Apple. Ridiculous.

Volker Weber, 2014-09-10

The prices are outrageous. 799€ for a 16GB device? No doubt people will happily pay, but this is way above the competition. Astonishing.

Hubert Stettner, 2014-09-10

Yes, that's exactly as Nokia priced the Lumia 1520. 799.

Volker Weber, 2014-09-10

Maybe it was the bad quality of the stream, but the watch on Tim Cooks wrist looked somehow thinner... and I guess it didn't work? Or did he use it maybe in the stream downtimes and the world just couldn't see?

Thomas Langel, 2014-09-10

"The nice thing about ApplePay is that they also utilize the fingerprint scanner."

Ten years ago, this statement would have people run screaming.

Philipp Sury , 2014-09-10

People always fear what they do not understand.

Volker Weber, 2014-09-10

Volker, 799.- was for a 32GB Device with microSD Expansion, and yes, I felt it was simply stupid in their situation at that time. Besides, Lumias get cheaper more quickly than iPhones.
Lumia 1520:
iPhine 5s:

Hubert Stettner, 2014-09-10

It's always smarter to put your money on a product that keeps its value. That way you can always recover a lot of what you spent if you want to sell it down the line.

Volker Weber, 2014-09-10

Absolutely, if the choice is between two products that fit you equally. And if you buy it while still expensive. I used to do that with Nokia Flagships for years. Now - well, priorities have changed ;)

Hubert Stettner, 2014-09-10

My Plans for September: Buy an 32GB iPhone 6.

Matthias Schumacher, 2014-09-10

Do you think that the watches are going to be successful?
Many people bought mobile phones and got rid off their watches afterwards. so what could possibly be the reason to (imo) step back? what great advantages are expected?

Kai Schmalenbach, 2014-09-10

@Matthias Schumacher: good luck with that - there is no 32GB Version ;)

ok - so moving from the Lumia 1020 back to an iPhone is my plan. As I definitly want OIS and best battery life, I will probably end up taking the iPhone 6 Plus

what is interesting after watching the 2 hrs keynote: Apple dropped the i in the (new) Product names. it is now apple pay, apple watch etc.

Samuel Orsenne, 2014-09-10

@ Samuel Orsenne: I know.

Matthias Schumacher, 2014-09-10

Kai, people are show-offs and they love shiny things.

Volker Weber, 2014-09-10

For me a Smartwatch has one Killer Feature:

Remind me of my appointments with a vibration alarm.

That is one thing no smartphone can do because I do not always wear a smartphone. All the other features I could do without.

Felix Binsack, 2014-09-10

@Kai - I liked this quote, which I saw yesterday... :-)

“So excited for the Apple Watch. For centuries, we’ve checked the time by looking at our phones. Having it on your wrist? Genius.” — Ellen DeGeneres

John Keys, 2014-09-10

if we switch off the reality distortion field apple produced, I am not at all impressed by the watches. In fact I am disappointed.

Not only are they pretty ugly (this is my personal viewpoint though) but also there functionality is very limited. Nothing new there...

And 2015? Seems like apple caved in and announced a very unfinished product.

The iPhone 6 though looks good. Finally Apple accepted NFC. Funny though, that they told us for 2 years now, that nobody needs that. :)

Johannes Matzke, 2014-09-11

Functionality in Apple products is always limited. Notice how a 2007 Nokia had way more functions and features. Apple goes for use cases. On a watch this becomes even more important, since every single function needs energy, which is in very short supply.

2015? Yes, they missed the holiday season and announced the device so you keep that Xmas money to spend on an Apple product.

Volker Weber, 2014-09-11

Immer wieder Interessant, dass die Preise in der Schweiz doch recht günstig sind. das neue 6 mit 64 GB kostet gemäss Apple CHF 879, zu erwarten wäre bei EUR 799 aber eher von CHF 960-980 je nach Kurs.
Ich würde mich anbieten als Lieferadresse, sonst ists ja eher umgekehrt ;-)

Chris Frei, 2014-09-11

Ach, die paar schweizer Geräte kann man auch mal billig raushauen. Für die notleidende einheimische Bevölkerung und zur Ankurbelung des Fremdenverkehrs. ;-)

Volker Weber, 2014-09-11

Vowe, eine evtl. persönliche Frage: Kannst du auf zum iPhone 6 Plus vergleichbar großen Nokias ohne Brille noch alles gut erkennen?

Ich, als Kurz- und beginnend Alterssichtiger, bilde mir ein ohne Kontaktlinsen auf dem iPhone 5S alles besser zu erkennen als auf einem iPad Air – bei entsprechendem Vor-die-Nase-halten. Und ich mache mir Sorgen, dass ein iPhone 6 Plus beim abendlichen Lesen im Bett evtl. zu groß ist.

PS Ansonsten war der Tipp, dass alle ab 45 besser zum iPad Air greifen sollen klasse. Denn auch mit Brille/Kontaktlinsen empfinde ich das iPad Air deutlich angenehmer als ein iPad mini.

Yves Luther, 2014-09-11

Wobei billig da ja ein sehr relativer begriff ist :)

Johannes Matzke, 2014-09-11

Apple Watch... ich mich doch direkt an einen Beitrag von vowe erinnert:

Zitat: "An iPod watch is a geek magnet, but not necessarily a babe magnet."

Schau'n mer mal, wie die Situation vier Jahre später aussieht ;-)

Mathias Ziolo, 2014-09-11

That depends a little bit on who buys them. Google Glass got the wrong audience.

Volker Weber, 2014-09-11

Yves, zu groß gibt es nicht, es sei denn für die Hand oder die Hosentasche. Aber nicht für die Augen. Was die Lesbarkeit angeht, schlägt das 6" Lumia 1520 hier alles andere.

Ich bin kurzsichtig. Und habe ebenfalls eine alterbedingte Abschwächung der Akkomodationsfähigkeit. Das bedeutet, dass ich ohne Brille zwischen 10cm und 30cm Distanz sehr scharf sehe. Den Rest mache ich mit Gleitsicht.

Volker Weber, 2014-09-11

Hoppla, da fehlt das Wort "fühlte" im ersten Satz meines Kommentars. Kann ergänzt werden und das hier gelöscht.

Mea culpa!

Mathias Ziolo, 2014-09-11

Das Problem beim Lumia 1520 wird wohl immer sein, dass es als Zweithandy sicher eine richtig nette Sache ist, man aber doch oft genug sich auch ein kleineres Gerät wünschen wird. Die Käufer des Iphone 6+ werden sicher Ihr 5(s) oder 4(s) behalten und haben dann genau das: ein Backup Gerät wenn es denn mal klein sein muss.

Sehr positiv überrascht haben mich die Preise. 64Gb für 100€ mehr statt ca. 200€ ist schon fast revolutionär! Wenn man davon ausgeht dass T-Mobile wieder die Iphones ordentlich subventioniert (meist gibt es da mehr Rabatt als bei anderen Smartphones) und man den sehr guten Wiederverkaufswert einbezieht ist das schon ne ganz runde Sache.

Wird Zeit dass Nokia/Microsoft mal das 930Lumia mit 64Gb anbietet.

Roland Dressler, 2014-09-11

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