Matte coating coming off the Zinken

by Volker Weber


My Urbanears Zinken is about eight months old and it's showing wear. It's not as obvious as the photos suggest but the matte coating is coming off the headband. The earpieces and the hinges are ok. It's just the headband itself. Looks like a manufacturing problem. I am going to see how support will handle this and provide an update.



Urbanears Support responded within a few hours and asked for my receipt and a few other pieces of information. One they had verified this, I got my final instructions:

Thanks for the requested info. Can you please pull of the left ear cushion and give me the number/letter code that may be on a sticker on the left ear piece? Thanks.

Finally, please extend one of the ear pieces and snap off the arm. Please send me a photo that shows the headphones are totally destroyed and there is no possibility of repair or future use. Once I see the photo of the totally damaged headphones, I will place an order for your new headphones through Thanks.

While it makes sense not to return a broken device, this hurt a little. "Kill that cat and I send you a new one."


The Zinken was replaced with a brand new one in retail packaging.


Same here. Also the cable will break at the remote. Mine are a few months older than yours, so make sure they replace the cable as well, even if it's not broken yet.

Lino Helms, 2014-09-10

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