Shoulderpod S1

by Volker Weber


Shoulderpod S1 is a small device that I discovered at IFA. It grips your smartphone firmly and lets you mount it to your tripod. With the extension and a wrist strap attached it doubles as a grip to let you shoot steady video in landscape mode. As you see it even fits phablets like the Lumia 1520.


The solid extension is surprisingly heavy which helps getting a steady shot. The bracket itself is the most solid tripod mount I have seen to date. There is no way for the smartphone to come loose.


Since it is not spring loaded but works like a vice it applies a steady grip to the phone. Recommended, if only for the tripod mount. This is how it works:

And another overly dramatic PR video:

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sehr guter Tip, bestellt, Danke.

Ach ja, der Link lüppt ins Leere, nach dem http fehlt der Doppelpunkt.

Schöne Restwoche


Michael Schnatmann, 2014-09-11

Link ist 2x drin. Erster ging, zweiter hatte ein doppeltes http. Fixed now. Danke für den Hinweis.

Volker Weber, 2014-09-11

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