LDC is now in the Asbestos removal business

by Volker Weber


LDC is the London Developer Cooperative. In alphabetical order: Ben Poole, Julian Woodward, Mark Myers (a.k.a. The Wookie), Matt White. These guys know their Asbestos.

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Domino == Asbestos, are you serious?
Or is it just the Business Model.

Martin Forisch, 2014-09-20

Asbestos is old and works well doing its job. Getting rid of it is very tricky though.

Yup - that works.

Paul Mooney, 2014-09-21

@Paul, that gives it a positive spin.
Still to me Asbestos == Toxic Waste, induces sickness, plus it is banned now.

Martin Forisch, 2014-09-22

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