All-you-can-eat Internet

by Volker Weber


While I was in London I bought this:

15 £ is currently 19.21 €. I did not need the minutes, I did not need the texts, but I wanted Internet access. Without thinking about how I use it. When I return the second week of October, I will use it again. You simply can't buy this here. Especially not for less than 20 €.

PS: You can save 5 £ if you only need 500 MB.
PPS: Vodafone offered me 25 MB of data for a week.



Just saw a Simyo ad on German tv with 1GB/400 mins/sms for 20€.
Not as good as Threes' offer in th UK but maybe sufficient for visitors.

For the Android phone I'm using an 8€/200MB card. Not even LTE. Need to change that one.
Would love unlimited internet, do not need minutes, neither.

Tobias Hauser, 2014-09-28

we a telco that have free data/voice in 10+ countries so tempted to switch to that but hopefully EU will help to align next summer in Europe

Flemming Riis, 2014-09-28

Three has walk-in stores. That is a must-have as a tourist. The sales rep helped me swap the SIM and recommended restarting the phone. It was a 5 minute transaction. At most.

Also, this is pay-as-you-go offer. The SIM will sleep when the 30 days are out. And I can top it off before the next visit.

Volker Weber, 2014-09-28

I used the same offer last year during my summer vacation in South England. Good value, no connectivity issues (except when using the 'Tube' in London) and worry-free use of the smartphone during the vacation. Never used the minutes too.

Christian Rosner, 2014-09-28

I've been using the Three 3 gb PAYG sims for my visits back to the UK for the last year or so (the 3gb deal lasts for 90 days). The good news with Three is that there are now many countries in the "feel at home" scheme (same deal as when connected in the UK, so no roaming charges) but sadly not in .de land yet (.at, .dk and .fr work although last week's connection in France was a bit flaky). The only drawback I've found is that you need a UK registered credit card to top up.

David Eyre, 2014-09-28

Weil Du Vodafone erwähnst: ich will ja nicht behaupten, dass die besonders preiswert sind, aber da gibt es schon andere Optionen als die 25 MB:
- mit Red-Vertrag: für 3 Euro am Tag nutzt man seinen deutschen Vertrag im EU-Ausland
- mit Non-Red-Vertrag: für 3 Euro am Tag je 50 Minuten/SMS/MB
- ohne Vertrag / Prepaid: für 3 Euro am Tag 100 MB

Robert Dahlem, 2014-09-28

Passport screenshot, nice.

Haiko Hebig, 2014-09-28

Ich hab in Spanien einfach eine Lebara-Sim gekauft, die komplett umsonst ist. Und dann über das Hotel-WLAN mit 1,5 GB Daten aufgeladen für grandiose 7,50 € für einen Monat. Es kann sein, dass das ein Abo ist, da muss man aber nur direkt hinterher eine Stop-SMS schicken, damit man das nur für einen Monat hat. Hat insgesamt gut funktioniert.

Dirk Steins, 2014-09-28

I love using Three. Especially for my winter holidays in Austria and Italy. This is, where my Huawei hotspot comes to live some times a year.

Thomas Lang, 2014-09-29

A top-up might be difficult before you leave Germany. Last time I checked you need a UK credit or debit card. But you can buy top-up voucher in every supermarket, corner shop, Boots or news agent.
A1 has a similar offer for Austria. Great for skiing trips.

Matthias Roeder, 2014-09-29

I will just ask Matze. ;-)

Volker Weber, 2014-09-29

Wir haben gerade für viel reisende Manager folgende Vodafone Option lieb gewonnen: Wenn man den Tarif Red S (oder grösser) hat, dann kann man für 3,95/Monat seine Flats mit nach Europa nehmen. Also voice, data, sms Flat in ganz Europa. Bei der Telekom gibts das ganz ähnlich, kostet 5 €. Kein Stress mit 'ner neuen Sim Karte odrr einer neuen Nummer.

Friedrich Holstein , 2014-09-29

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