BlackBerry Blend

by Volker Weber


BlackBerry Blend is like a remote for your BlackBerry. It runs on any of your private or business devices, on Android tablets and iPads, as well as Windows PC or Macs. You see what is happening in the BlackBerry Hub and a number of apps and you can act on it. Instead of holding your BlackBerry, you are working with a full keyboard and mouse or at least a larger tablet.

How does it talk to your BlackBerry? You install the software, load the Blend app on BlackBerry 10.3 and pair them. Once you have done that, you can just call the app any time. If your BlackBerry is locked, or the Workspace in your BlackBerry is locked, you have to enter the password that unlocks it.

How do they connect? Over the net or a USB cable. With over the net I mean Wifi or even the mobile network. You could have your BlackBerry at home and be out and about, and you would still be able to access your work device if the need arises. Now remember, a proper business BlackBerry has a BES at the other end of the network. It can walk right into your Intranet, see your fileserver, your mailserver, potentially even your PC. Within the network restrictions your IT imposes. But technically, it's inside your firewall, and the VPN connection is provided by BlackBerry.

You can reply to an email and attach a file, without ever downloading it to either your personal device or your BlackBerry. You can view attachments, but Blend will leave nothing behind. It's all as if you are only holding your BlackBerry, just way bigger.

BlackBerry has tried this before, when they designed the PlayBook to be a companion to your BlackBerry, connected via the fiddly Bluetooth stack. This time, it's your tablet, your PC, your Mac, the one that you like. Blend is just an application, no IT restrictions. Run it or don't.

This sounds lovely, doesn't it? There is only one problem. Your BlackBerry is managed by IT. At least the Workspace is managed by IT. And the first business BlackBerry I tried with Blend came back with a message.

Work Data is Blocked by an IT Policy. Please contact your administrator to request access

Blend isn't activated by default. IT has to enable it on BES. Here is how.


Unglaublich cool. Stell Dir vor, Apple würde sowas machen 😇

Hubert Stettner, 2014-09-29 18:06

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