Eleven days without the UP24 band

by Volker Weber

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My UP24 has died eleven days ago and Jawbone spent about a week letting me test this, and then test that. Finally they have decided they want to replace it. All this time I have been missing a lot of data. To the point where my exercise history has a big hole in it. Although I can track my steps in other apps, there is no way to add them to my account manually.

And then the UP app has been updated today. If you are on iOS 8.02 and at least an iPhone 5S, you can now read the Health data into the UP app. That means my iPhone can track me without an UP band, as long as I carry it with me. Last Thursday for instance I clocked 20.000 steps on the iPhone, without a band. The other days I have mostly been using the BlackBerry Passport with only 7000 steps on Wednesday and very few steps on the other days.

There you have both the UPs and DOWNs. Only a wearable will track you all the time. And if that wearable breaks you can now fall back on the iPhone. I wish I had had this app 11 days ago. And this app is new. It's not an update of the old app, although it looks the same. Follow the link.

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Do iPhone 5S and/or HealthKit do the step tracking themselves or do you need an app to start the recording?

Christian Gut, 2014-09-30

Yes, the phone already collects your motion data. When you install an app, you can see the last week.

Volker Weber, 2014-09-30

How is experience with the HealthKit integration? Does it work properly?

Saw on twitter that it is a bit unreliable...

Cyril Gabathuler, 2014-09-30

Haven't played much with it. It does seem to record my steps properly. As long as I am carrying the phone.

Volker Weber, 2014-09-30

The Pebble watch can now count steps etc. as well:


Here is the watchface for UP:


Ole Saalmann, 2014-10-01

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