Flipboard for Windows Phone is here

by Volker Weber

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Announced October 2013, delivered October 2014. This has been a long pregnancy. Flipboard only runs on Lumias with 1 GB RAM, so 5x0, 6xx and 720 are out of luck. Statement:

The Microsoft and Flipboard teams will continue to work together in the months ahead to develop a road map for optimizing Flipboard for lower memory Windows Phones

Unfortunately it also does not flip. It's more like a Scrollboard.

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This app is not available for your phone because it requires:

1GB of RAM or more.


Sent from my Lumia 630.

Stuart Murch, 2014-10-02

That is unfortunate. Entry level Lumias only have half a GB. Midrange are 1 GB, high end is 2 GB. And the app does not require 1 GB. It requires the phone to have 1 GB.

Volker Weber, 2014-10-02

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