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by Volker Weber


It is very hard to overstate how much I enjoy the iPhone 6 Plus. Ever since I used the Lumia 1520 I was ready for large smartphones. It's very much a personal preference. Just as your choice of platform. I understand people who enjoy their Galaxy Note just as well. And I am delighted that she is loving her BlackBerry Passport.

As somebody who tries to use all platforms at the same time, I am incredibly attached to the iPhone 6 Plus. While I am always aware of apps that are available on Windows Phone or BlackBerry, and sometimes wary of apps that won't install on this particular Android, I am completely relaxed with the iPhone. I know it will run if I need it.

If I had to give up all other mobile devices, I would keep the 6 Plus.


Does it fit into a regular pocket?

Thilo-Alexander Ginkel, 2014-10-08


you can find out:

It might bend though, the chocolate, I mean.


Martin Funk, 2014-10-08

Das ist gut!

Volker Weber, 2014-10-08

Is it really so unstable as some people on the internet are claiming, especially regarding landscape mode (which is only on the Plus)?
I personally don't believe the "iOS 8 is unstable" hype, because I have it on the iPhone 5 and I don't experience any issue. Neither apps are crashing, nor wifi issues, nor bluetooth issues and also at least to me it doesn't seem to be slower than iOS 7, or laggy, as some are claiming. But maybe I'm just lucky.

Thomas Muders, 2014-10-08

Well according to the same people, you were unable to place any phone calls with an iPhone 4. And you would bend your phone by keeping it in your trouser pocket. Horseshit.

Volker Weber, 2014-10-08

And mine is currently in Louisville Kentucky set to be delivered tomorrow between 10 and 2 pm. :)

Thomas Duff, 2014-10-08

I don't have any issues with my iPhone 6 Plus. Does not bend, connects to my car via Bluetooth and wasn't the reason (yet) that I'm loosing hair.

Torsten Hoffmann, 2014-10-08

Nice To hear ! Just ordered my 6 Plus.

Ludwig Deruyck, 2014-10-08

Nice To hear ! Just ordered my 6 Plus.

Ludwig Deruyck, 2014-10-08

After years with Android - it works like a charm - also not afraid of any bending and did not experience any issues in landscape mode.

Bernd Schuster, 2014-10-08

No-one’s afraid of bending, it’s just a very tired piece of media-driven hysteria.

Ben Poole, 2014-10-08

Do you use any kind of case for the 6 plus?!

Marten Andresen, 2014-10-08

Once in a while I use the Apple leather case. Most of the time I don't.

Volker Weber, 2014-10-08

A few observations from my experience: it fits ok in my trouser pocket (always the front) and hasn't bent. I use a case because it's my wallet. I hit my glasses when I answer calls. I won't need to buy a new iPad mini now. It seems to run quite cool and the battery life is good. iOS8.02 is stable. The camera is pretty good and better than my 5. I like the size of the iPhone 5/s and if I were just after a phone that would be perfect but for reading the 6+ is great and doesn't risk breaking my nose if I fall asleep (unlike the full size iPad). For reading at night using the Kindle app on black setting the 6+ doesn't put out enough light that your spouse wakes up and tells you off.

Jason Hook, 2014-10-09

Agree with @Thorsten. Just sell my + as it is to big for me personally. But not for technical/design issues at all.

Ingo Harpel, 2014-10-09

There's only one issue with my iPhone 6 Plus: the lack of good wallet cases. I'm looking forward to a bookbook from twelve south.

Karl Heindel, 2014-10-09

@Karl: you have seen this one?

Tobias v. d. Plas, 2014-10-09

I would love to have one as well.

Ingo Seifert, 2014-10-10


thanks for the link, I haven't seen that case before. But to me it's not beautiful, so I have to wait.

Karl Heindel, 2014-10-10

No issues at all (BT/car, landscape) since day 1/Sept 19. Stunning battery life, display, and speed! First phone since ages I use with a case (Apple leather) since it's slippery. Be prepared for using both hands, but I guess that's obviously.

Bodo Menke, 2014-10-10

Love mine too. Agree with Karl : TwelveSouth need to hurry up with a revised BookBook - it's the only one I'll get.

Maikel Maes, 2014-10-12

Check for nice cases

David Justen , 2014-10-12

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