Yoga Tablet 2 Pro

by Volker Weber


The new Yoga Tablet 2 Pro is huge. 13.3" screen, QHD display (2 x 1280 by 2 x 720 = 2560 by 1440 pixels). The design follows the same principle as the original tablet, but it's better in a lot of ways. First, you can open the stand in any angle you want, all the way to 180 degrees. There is a hole in the middle of that stand so you can hang it on the wall. The sound is way better and it's now driven by an Intel Atom processor, which has three times the CPU performance and twice the graphic performance.


And it has one trick up its sleeve: a pico projector. The photo above shows how you place the tablet to get a level screen on the wall. I have watched a movie across from 4 meters distance. If the room is completely dark, this is quite an experience. The more light there is in the rooom, the closer you have to get. And eventually you are much better off to just watch on the IPS display. The projector will deplete the battery within less than four hours, so it's good for a movie, but not for lengthy meetings. With the projector turned off, you will get more than 10 hours of operation, Lenovo promises up to fifteen.


Lenovo adds lots of software to stock Android 4.4.2 which I am completely ignoring for now. I just installed the Google Now launcher and use the stock Chrome and Gmail apps. If you swipe up from the bottom you will see an extensive control panel. Lenovo has added multiuser support back which they stripped off the original Yoga Tablet.


I am at odds with the amount of memory available shown here. This is a 32 GB device and it is showing 20 GB reserved by the O/S. This is highly unlikely since the smaller tablets show 4 GB of reserved space for the O/S. After looking at the partition table, I am pretty sure that only 16 GB of the 32 have been allocated to partitions and that this panel simply lumps everything not /data together as O/S. I tried resetting and also went into recovery mode where I failed to reformat the internal SD.

My problem is that Lenovo is too many layers deep to get to a person who can fix this. For now I am using it as if it only had 16 GB of storage. Who wants to send me a 64 GB MicroSD? ;-)


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