Galaxy Note 4 keeps growing on me

by Volker Weber


Yesterday I visited the Samsung Innovation Center in London. Great meetings covering a wide arrange of topics. It's a difficult topic. On one hand, Samsung can't really tell me what is coming, on the other hand they can speak about the development process. And I was really amazed by some of the people I met.

They had all kinds of gear to try out and that includes Gear. And I had to revisit my judgment on VR headsets. The headset they developed with Oculus is simply amazing. When you first put it on, you do see a lot of pixelation and that's happening with the 500+ dpi Note 4 as the display. I have no idea what kind of resolution you need to make those pixels disappear. Certainly four digits if not five. Anyway, after you wore the headset for a minute or so, your brain filters the image so you no longer notice the pixels. Head tracking was absolutely flawless. Now I can see myself wanting one.


As I get a better feel of the company and try out more of their products the Galaxy Note keeps growing on me. I picked up a really nice cover that completely changed the quality perception for me. Yes, this is real stitching. When the Note is inside this folding cover, it becomes a nice booklet. The camera is not longer sticking out on the back, the decorations are taking a backseat, and the whole experience becomes way more classy. And there is an additional benefit: wireless Qi charging. Works with all my Nokia chargers!

I also have all the vital apps installed now. Here navigation, UP, Withings, Sonos. It's all set up. Now I am ready to learn. The Galaxy Note is a powerhouse of features on top of Android, and it's not obvious how all of this works.


The flip cover is a nice option, and I really like how *many* different ones there are available from Amazon. Easy to change your look or function if needed (kick stand, etc).

One thing Samsung learned and implemented from the Note 3 forward is that you really shouldn't have a gi-normous phone with a slick back. The slick, sleek back looks really nice, but mightly easy to drop.
Iknow folks don't like the 'fake leather' but from a usability standpoint, it really helps. It'll be interesting to see how Apple handles this issue.

Craig Wiseman, 2014-10-23

I don't find the iPhone too slippery. But when I travel, I still place it inside a leather case.

Volker Weber, 2014-10-23

I have helped folks with setting up about ten 6 pluses and this has been an almost near universal opinion... and I have not said anything to prompt it.

Craig Wiseman, 2014-10-23

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