Two weeks with the Yoga Tab 2 Pro

by Volker Weber


It's very hard to overstate the size of the Yoga Tab 2 Pro. In the photo above you see an iPad Air 2 leaning against it. If you place it in portrait mode, you need two of them to barely hide the Yoga. It's this huge.

Lenovo said that 80% of tablet use is in the house. That is why they designed this huge device. And if that screen is not big enough, it also contains a pico projector. Since I have had the tablet, I have shown it to quite a few people, and every single one of them wanted to have one.

I have also used the Lenovo while traveling. No idea, how many people took a photo of that weird dude with a huge tablet and huge headphones. But it's great fun hanging this screen from the seatback in front of you and being the only person outside of the cockpit with a decent screen. Instrumental in getting media into the device was the PK K'3 Smartphone USB Key.


I didn't found specs about the display yet. How bright is it, is it readable in daylight?

Julian Buss, 2014-10-28

I don't have the specs either. But yes, it is very bright.

Volker Weber, 2014-10-28

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