Perfect Service

by Volker Weber


I had one Sonos Controller with partially unresponsive touchscreen. Sonos issued an RMA and sent a UPS label. I dropped the package into the next UPS truck and within 48 hours had a new controller. Perfect!


To contrast your experience, with a defective Sandisk SSD (the second replacement, after the first replacement also started destroying my files), I had to wait two weeks after sending in the defective unit AND had to jump through several email support hoops for over a week before they finally issued the RMA. All in all, it took almost four weeks to get the SSD replaced.

Daniel Haferkorn, 2014-10-31

Leider hat Sonos die Probleme mit dem Controller nicht immer so kulant geregelt: mein Sonos Controller "spinnt" seit zwei Jahren regelmäßig, indem er selbständig (!) den Bildschirm einschaltet und dann schnell in wilder Abfolge von alleine durch die Menüs klickert. Einziger Hinweis von Sonos auf meine Reklamation war, den Controller gründlich zu reinigen und dafür zu sorgen, dass die Batterie vollständig geladen ist. Hilft leider nicht. Da das Gerät längst ausserhalb der Gewährleistung/Garantie ist, lebe ich zähneknirschend damit. Jeder Euro für ein Tauschgerät (das hast Du nicht geschrieben - musstest Du nichts bezahlen?) wäre inzwischen besser in ein Tablet o.ä. investiert - schade eigentlich!

Axel Koerv, 2014-11-03

Ja, der Controller hat sich überlebt. Heute kann man für das Geld ganz prima Tablets kaufen. Die im Übrigen auch schneller sind.

Volker Weber, 2014-11-03

Hi Volker,

That is because you are an VIP to SONOS.

My SONOS bridge is broken and SONOS is not helping me.

I reported the problem including the devices' serial number.

SONOS send me a mail stating that were replacing the bridge.

The website to initiate the RMA however stated that I could not get a replacement because the bridge is out of warranty and I would get a discount on a new bridge instead.

However, the link provided in the website did not grant a discount on the bridge.

When I called SONOS they said I would neither get a replacement nor a discount.

Felix Binsack, 2014-11-24

Felix, I know from experience that it can be difficult communicating with you. What's your case ID? Maybe somebody can look into it.

If you say it is broken, what do you mean? Does it turn on and then not work properly? Does it not work at all? I have had a number of power supplies broken, and Sonos has replaced every single one of them. And no, not for VIPs only.

Who are you dealing with? Have you bought through as I recommend? Does Thomas know about your support case?

And if you cannot deal with Sonos at all, you way want to risk spending 9.99 € on an aftermarket 5V power supply. If that does not fix the problem, Amazon will take it back.

Volker Weber, 2014-11-25

Hi Volker, to answer your questions:

>>If you say it is broken, what do you mean?

This was the description of the problem as reported to SONOS:

"Hi, my SONOS Bridge just stopped working for no apparent reason. It does not do anything anymore. No lights lightning, no reaction to pressing the button, not listed in the routers network devices list. Do I have to buy a new bridge or can you replace it? I assume it is older then 2 years..."

>>Who are you dealing with?
I used the form on the SONOS website.

>>Have you bought through as I recommend? Does Thomas know about your support case?

Yes, Thomas knows. He wished me good luck with my RMA. I purchased all my SONOS from Thomas. I however did not want to bother Thomas with this. It's the vendors task to deal with broken hardware in my opinion.

SONOS' first reply seemed to be perfect, promising to replace the bridge. SONOS second reply was still good, promising to subsidize the purchase of a new bridge. SONOS third reply was industry average, no replacement and no subsidy because the device is out of warranty. The process from SONOS first reply to its third reply was less then perfect.

And yes, it is the power supply that is broken. Now I am using the power supply from a spare router.

My Case ID is #141108-001563

Felix Binsack, 2014-11-30

If I understand all this correctly, you do have a working Bridge and a broken power supply. But you would like Sonos to replace the Bridge or sell you a new one for half price?

Volker Weber, 2014-11-30

My bridge was not working and I asked SONOS for help.

I received some contradicting messages from SONOS but no help.

Today I found out that the power supply is broken and helped myself by replacing the power supply.

That's all.

Felix Binsack, 2014-11-30

I think we solved the case after I suggested it could be the power supply. Do you now need a power supply from Sonos? I am sure you would get one if you ask.

Volker Weber, 2014-11-30

I reopened the incident and was sent a new power supply without any legal obligation - which is good. But after my experiences I would not go so far to call the service perfect.

Felix Binsack, 2014-12-10

You don't have to. I still do.

Volker Weber, 2014-12-10

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