Living UPdate

by Volker Weber

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Half a year and two and a half million steps later, I am keeping up with my two hour minimum walk schedule. September and October look weaker than they were, due to the slow service process at Jawbone. I was missing my band for 19 days. Since I have had my iPhone 6 Plus I have also started tracking with Withings Healthmate (screenshot on the right), which works very well without a separate tracking device. I am now at 18k steps a day, give or take a few.

Walking (a lot) more has changed me to the better, but also going to bed earlier (11pm instead of 1am). Not every single day, but most often. And if you would have told me half a year ago I would be doing more than a hundred kilometers a week, I would have questioned your sanity. ;-)


Now that I have a phone that keeps track of my stepping, I see that I average ~7000 steps per day. So I have some work to do to catch up with you.

Eric Hancock, 2014-11-04

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