Another creepy Amazon product

by Volker Weber

After a phone that always looks at you, Amazon now introduces a speaker that listens to you 24 hours a day.


Sometimes I think we're living in the future of an 80s dystopic scifi movie (think Robocop).

Hanno Zulla, 2014-11-07

On a more general note, there is a trade-off between comfort and privacy. Regardless of the quality of existing products, if you want machines to deal with your individual requirements, they will listen to you and look at you and measure you in every conceivable way. I hope the industry will get at some point that for our mental sanity, there must be a simple way to turn all this off and have real private time.

Frank Quednau, 2014-11-07

I'm surprised that the EU hasn't already legislated in this area :-)

There should be a single simultaneous mechanism for switching off all devices like this regardless of manufacturer.

Jason Hook, 2014-11-07

Wonder what 2 or more of them in the same room would do?
If you own more than one, do they have different names ?

Urs Meli, 2014-11-07

How's it different to Hey Siri?

Carl Tyler, 2014-11-07

Hey Siri and OK Google are just as creepy.

Volker Weber, 2014-11-07

Someone in the NSA is probably already ordering more storage

Ken Bisconti, 2014-11-07

What's the problem? People buying this stuff are creepy?

Torben Vendelev, 2014-11-07

"Computer. Wo befindet sich Captain Picard?"

Damals war sowas cool und Science Fiction. Heute ist es creepy.

Oliver Regelmann, 2014-11-07

Whats the difference to a smartphone/tablet?

Who guarantees they are not listening? And most of them are on 24 hours a day. Not only in your living room. In your pocket. In the bathroom, at work, at sports.

If its not that you can't afford one or do not own a smartphone as a matter of principle, chances are big its literally everywhere in your life.

This is way more creepy than a device in your living room with an on/off switch. And still nobody wants to loose all the comfort a smartphone offers.

And I'm pretty shure the same will happen to devices like the one from Amazon.

Daniel Seiler, 2014-11-08

This may be the only benefit of having data caps. You watch your traffic profile.

Volker Weber, 2014-11-08

Why is it creepy?
Other people, obviously with better imagination and writing skills, put it this way:

Martin Funk, 2014-11-10

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