Rocking the Pebble

by Volker Weber

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I have seen a couple of smart watches this week, including the Moto 360. I am still not sure I would want a watch that needs to be charged every single day. The Pebble on the other hand with its very low power display gets a recharge every weekend. I use it as a watch and I get notifications from the iPhone. It lets me quickly check whether I have an important mail or just a retweet or a like.

Technically this isn't even my Pebble. It belongs to Max Bäumle and I am using his Smartwatch Pro to check calendar appointments and the current step count from Health Mate. Go ahead and buy his software. You are paying for "my" watch. ;-)


I was looking at a Pebble Steel. It seems to have what I'm looking for in a smartwatch... health monitoring, alerts, and a excellent battery life. I'm not sure I need a huge color (battery sucking) touch screen.

This market is so new it'll be interesting to see how it plays out.

Craig Wiseman, 2014-11-17

Max also let me try a Pebble Steel a couple of times. It turns out I like the original Pebble better since it is more comfortable for me. I am always aware of the Steel on my wrist but I hardly notice the original one.

Volker Weber, 2014-11-17

Good to know. I was really looking for something that looked more like a standard watch (but with benefits).

.... and I went through my Swatch phase long long ago. ;-)

Craig Wiseman, 2014-11-17

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