Futura Steps

by Volker Weber


Max Bäumle is working on a watch face that displays the current step count on a Pebble Smartwatch. Step tracking is done on the iPhone and the app fetches the step count from the phone. The first prototype did this every 15 minutes, which isn't often enough when you are walking. I am doing about 100 steps a minute, if you run, you will do a lot more. So I proposed to check every minute as long as you clock 80 steps per minute, and then fall back to every 15 minutes until you clock another 80 steps. This may need a few adjustments so it continues checking if you just wait at a traffic light or pick up after your dog.


Am I right to believe that you are a bigger fan of the Pebble than some of the other smart watches out there? I really like the Pebble a lot! My only 'nice to have' for that watch would have been the ability to speak to it (OK Google!) that some of the other watches have.

Ray Bilyk, 2014-11-24

Yes, I am. The main reason being that it runs without a daily recharge. Building a battery powered device is always a trade-off. Small size, long battery life, features - pick any two.

We'll see what happens if I get my hands on a Microsoft band or an Apple Watch.

Volker Weber, 2014-11-24

Pebble seems to be adding additional features as well, so along with battery life and the retail cost, it really seems like a nice way to go.

Thanks my friend!

Ray Bilyk, 2014-11-24

Indeed. They have been enabling a few features that had been in the chipset all along, like the compass and the motion sensors.

Volker Weber, 2014-11-24

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