by Volker Weber


Congratulations to Lewis Hamilton for winning the F1 world championship. I met him once last year, and I found him to be very likable. Congratulations to BlackBerry as well for finding a good sponsorship. Mercedes AMG Petronas is an excellent team and it has provided the best power train as well as the best car. It clearly dominated the series.

The partnership goes beyond a financial transaction. I visited the team in Brackley a few weeks ago and interviewed their IT director. The team is a heavy user of both BlackBerry devices as well as BBM video which lets race engineers connect back to the mothership.

The Executive Director Toto Wolff is a BlackBerry addict who carries both a personal and a business device. I asked how that is necessary, if the BlackBerry allows you separate work from personal use. It turns out he still prefers the 9790 as a personal BlackBerry. Toto said he was actually carrying three: his private 9790 and a Q10 transitioning to a Passport. He was hoping to replace his Macbook with the Passport.


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