Over-promise and under-deliver

by Volker Weber


Microsoft, this is going to hurt a little. Twelve weeks ago I wrote about your Lumia 830, 735, 730, Lumia Denim, Lumia Camera, Moments et al. And frankly, you fooled me. You told me that the waiting time would be over. The Lumia Camera would launch instantly, and you would never lose a moment again. But I did not read the fine print. An "update to Lumia Camera" would deliver this on devices running Lumia Denim. You delivered Lumia Denim on new devices. I have one of them. But you did not deliver the much needed Lumia Camera update. Your app store still only has a "Lumia Camera Classic". The old and slow one.

And Lumia Denim? It will "start rolling out" this year. When will it have rolled out? Right. Next year.


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