Olloclip 4-in-1 photo lens for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus

by Volker Weber


When I upgraded to the iPhone 6 Plus I lost the ability to use my Olloclip lenses. And I have used them a lot. Here are shots with the 10x Macro lens. The good news is, as of today I have a 4-in-1 Olloclip lens for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.


Let me explain how this thing works. It clips over the top of the iPhone and is reversible. You either have the wide angle lens or the fisheye over the main camera. When you remove those lenses fron the clip, you get a 10x macoo lens on one side and a 15x macro on the other side. A very clever design. But there is more.


The other lens sits on top of the front camera. This means you can now shoot wide angle or fisheye selfies with the Olloclip lens. How about that? This is the new thing. How many people can you squeeze into a selfie? The Olloclip gives you a leg up in that competition.

If you have an iPhone 6, you can just clip the Olloclip lens on and it works. If you have a 6 Plus, then you need to exchange an insert inside the clip and you have to move the Olloclip lens around when switching between the front and the main camera. Only on the iPhone 6 will both lenses cover both cameras at the same time.


This is an uncropped square iPhone 6 photo, the next one is shot with the Olloclip wide angle lens attached. As you can see, wider angle, and we can squeeze a dog in.


A quick macro shot:


And a wide angle selfie. Plenty of space for more people, but he is the only one around (and it's dark):


What is the big bright blue plastic in the first photo? The new 4-in-1 lens comes with three attachments for keychains, lanyards, or other loops which let you wear the lens around your neck. I prefer the old school microfiber bag that is also included. The only downside I found was that the clip seems to cover the ambient light sensor. I had to switch off auto-brightness when using it, otherwise the viewfinder was too dark. The clip also obstructs the flash, but I was aware of that.

Editor-refuses-to-give-it-back award. There will be loads of photos taken with the Olloclip lens.

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Möchtest Du die Linsen für das iPhone 5 eventuell verkaufen ;-) ?

Thomas Holzapfel , 2014-11-27

Funktionieren diese Linsen auch mit iPhones in einer Hülle/Cover, oder müssen sie direkt auf der Kamera anliegen?

Bernd Schuster, 2014-11-28

Nein, keine Hülle. Für das 5/5s habe ich eine aufklappbare Hülle, die ich aber kaum verwendet habe.

Volker Weber, 2014-11-28

The quality of the macro shot is amazing.

But for the wide angle they still have the blury effect in the edges which I dislike somewhat. But it seems it's not so strong anymore as in previous versions.

Harald Gaerttner, 2014-11-28

I will have to do a test shot where everything is in the same distance. The dog was very close.

Volker Weber, 2014-11-28

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