Strange affection to a small BlackBerry

by Volker Weber


When BlackBerry offered to send me sample of the P'9983, I almost turned them down. I had seen the device on several occasions and saw no point in using it. But I have changed my mind, and that's why I recommended the white Q10 recently. It's on sale for 150 € and a tremendous value. If it's out of stock, sign up. There are more trickling in.

As it happens, I have a small defect on the superior Passport. It's decommissioned and I am waiting for a replacement. Which gave me the time to play with the P'9983. While the iPhone 6 Plus is replacing most other devices like the iPad, a Kindle, even the Lumia as my main camera, the smallish BlackBerry is always in my pocket. It's probably a better companion than the Passport, if only for its small size.

I'm sure my affection is only temporary until I have a Passport in full working condition. But I can certainly see why not everyone wants a phablet.


Your affection is not strange, Volker - it is appropriate, reasonable and understandable. The Q10 (haven't got the Porsche of course) is a fantastic device, great hardware, great software. The keyboard is outstanding, I never got used to typing on touch keys. The size is no downside for me but an upside as it fits comfortably into my pockets and I can use it easily with one hand. I don't watch videos on a phone, no matter how large the screen, even 5 or 5.5 inches are small for movies anyway. The Q10 is a great companion for those of us with only one phone - it's all in one. For everything else use your laptop or tablet.

Jochen Kattoll, 2014-12-04

The P'9983 is a Q10, just a lot more expensive. It does not really matter which one you have. And I do watch videos on a 5.5 inches display. It's like the iPhone as a camera. It's the one that's with you and a lot more useful than a DSLR at home. Or even in your bag.

Volker Weber, 2014-12-04

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